Customized Industrial Product

Protection Film PF

◆Difference Adhesive

1. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Adhesive PF

2. PU Adhesive Protection Film

3. Silica Adhesive Protection Film


◆Difference Surface

1. High Haze Surface

2. Low Haze Surface

3. Hard Coating Surface

4. Low Reflection Surface


◆Special Function

1. UV cut

2. IR cut

3. Anti Static

4. Anti Finger


◆Customized Protection Film

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Release Film RF

◆Difference Adhesive

1. Silica Release Film

2. Fluorosilicone Release Film

3. No-Silicone Release Film


◆Difference Color

1. Blue Release Film

2. Yellow Release Film

3. Other Color Release Film


◆Special Function

1. Anti Static Release Film

2. Double side coating Release Film


◆Customized Release Film

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Dielectric Film (Dielectric Material)

1. Ultra Thin Type Dielectric Film

2. Double Side Coating Type Dielectric Film

3. Single Side Coating Type Dielectric Film

4. Anti High Temperature Type Dielectric Film

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Automotive Materials

◆Paint Protection Film

1. "Self Repair" Paint Protection Film

2. Car's Paint Protection Film


◆Window Film for Car

1. Photochromic Film for Car


◆Anti-Fog Spray


◆Hydrophobicity Liquor(Solution)

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Polyethylene Terephthalate PET

◆Optical PET

◆Difference Surface

1. High Haze Surface

2. Low Haze Surface

3. Hard Coating Surface

4. Low Reflection Surface


◆Difference Color

1. White PET

2. Black PET

3. Blue PET

4. Red PET

5. Yellow PET

6. Green PET

7. Other Color PET


◆Special Function

1. Anti Ultraviolet (UV cut)

2. Anti Infrared (IR cut)

3. Anti Static

4. Anti Finger

5. Other Special Function PET


◆Customized PET

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Industrial Adhesive

◆Special Adhesive

1. Conductive Adhesive

2. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

3. Water Adhesive

4. Anti Static Adhesive

5. Optical Clear Adhesive;OCA

6. Optical Clear Resin;OCR

◆UV Type Adhesive

1. UV Curing Adhesive

2. UV Release Adhesive

◆Medical Adhesive

◆Customized Adhesive

Cover Tape

◆Heat Activated

1. Semitransparent Type (80%)

2. Transparent Type

3. Conductive Type(90%)

◆Pressure Sensitive

1. Semitransparent Type

2. Conductive Type

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Biomass Plastics Film

1. Polylactide(PLA) chip

2. Polylactide(PLA) Film

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Special shape cutting

1. Decrease the width of roll film

2. Special shape cutting



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